About KV


The genesis of the KV:

With the modern society driven by fast changing information and communication technology, the area of teaching and learning has not remained untouched. The entire system of update facilities, Well-qualified and trained individuals from the prerequisite for any up coming modern educational institution.

K.V.IIT was born on 1st August 2003 in the IIT premises of North Guwahati to realize this dream and making it a reality. Set in a picturesque landscape of rugged hill and valleys, narrow winding Street, paddy fields, historical monuments that seem to echo the past, this quiet place is an ideal place for pursuit of education. To be located in IIT, a center of excellence in the field of science and technology, is by itself a great feat.

K.V.IIT (G) has finally realised its vision of growing itself into a full fledged Higher Secondary School with a well designed building that accommodate well equipped laboratories , adequate library facilities, furnished classrooms with modern amenities, teaching aids, playground, etc. to render teaching learning enjoyable and effective. Well trained, dedicated teachers in respective fields selected on the basis of nationwide tests are appointed. They endeavour to promote experiment learning and practical application of knowledge.

This school provides a unique opportunity to all the deserving student of the locality to amass everything that an ideal education can provide at low cost.


Impotant milestones of growth:

Year Milestone
2003 Opening of KV IIT Guwahati
2007 Shifted to a new building (present)
2008 Produced 100% result in CBSE 2008 Examination
2008 Conducted 12 days In-service course for PGT (Computer Science)
2008 New building was inaugurated by Hon'ble Commissioner Shri R. L. Jamuda, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, New Delhi on 18th September 2008.
2008 Venue for Regional level sports meet (Football and Swimming)
2008 Conducted 21st Zonal Level Youth Parliament Competition 08
2008 Conducted 36th Jawahar Lal Nehru Regional Level Science Exhibition 2008
2009 Organized and conducted Workshop for WET and Music Teachers
2009 Conducted 37th Jawahar Lal Nehru Regional Level Science Exhibition 2009


List of Principals in KV IIT Guwahati
Name From Till
Mr. M. Venkateshwarlu 01/08/2003 10/08/2003
Mrs. Rina Gogoi (I/C) 11/08/2003 31/05/2005
Mrs. S. Chetia 01/06/2005 30/09/2006
Dr. S. K. Vatsa 20/08/2007 06/06/2009
Mr. P. S. Raju 20/06/2009 30/05/2012
Mr. G. K. Dwivedi 27/06/212 18/08/2016
Mr. Shyama Charan 19/08/2016  


List of Chairmen
Name From Till
Prof. Sourav Basu   -



Gradual year wise expansion in classes and sections leading to present status:

Year Expansion Upgraded Up to Class No. of Sections
2003 Opening of KV VIII single
2004 Upgraded IX single
2005 Upgraded X single
2007 Shifted to New Building XI double section upto VIII
2008 Upgraded XII double section upto IX.
2009 Upgraded - double section upto class X.


Details of previous and new campus :



Facilities available including games and sports facilites:

School Building

The Vidyalaya has finally got its own full flegded building which is an impressive and imposing structure in white and blue covering around 40,000 sq.mtr.( 10.0 acres) built in the IIT Guwahati campus. It is surrounded by hills carpeted with green vegetation in the lap of nature. Earlier the school was running at a temporary building provided by IIT Guwahati. Presently, the Vidyalaya has classes upto XII from Class I having two sections in each class upto class IX. The present building is near the main gate of IIT Guwahati .

The construction work for the permanent building was done by KVS under the supervision of IIT Guwahati and as promised by the Director of IIT, Guwahati the construction of one block of the vidyalaya was completed and the school was handed over the new building on 23rd April 2007 and the entire building was handed over by the end of July 2007.

The present building ,has the provision of double section classes, Principal's Room , one library, staff rooms, office room, computer room, Junior Science Lab, physics lab, biology lab, chemistry lab, music room, exam rooms, with sufficient toilets with running water and uninterrupted electricity and a big playground.

The Vidyalaya functions as per the guidelines of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for an all round multifarious development of the students.

The Library

The Library of the Vidyalaya is well stocked with sufficient amount of books of all subjects to help the students to meet their curiosity of knowledge..

The Computer lab

There are two air conditioned computer labs in the Vidyalaya. Each computer lab has capacity of 20 computers. All the computers of the whole Vidyalaya is connected through wireless LAN. High Speed Broadband connection of BSNL (Data One) is available in Vidyalaya for Internet connectcion. Total 43 computers are there in the Vidyalaya. Lab is equipped with LCD Projector.

The teaching learning process is well executed by learned teachers as per the guidelines of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan . Teachers take the help of computers and other teaching aids as a regular feature. Class wise CD s are also available for detailed as well as objective studies on a subject.



The Vidyalaya is generally provided by IIT Guwahati with their playgrounds to conduct various sports events as and when required which are near the Vidyalaya. For daily games and sports purpose, the Vidyalaya field is sufficient.